About This Project

Admiring a three-story private villa in Soci with it’s refined aesthetic, garden swimming pool, and a view of both the Black Sea and the mountains, immediately makes for a luxurious and cosy resort atmosphere.

The house is characterised by a mix of custom-made furniture, vintage, and classic design pieces as well as warm colours, fine materials and tasteful details wisely chosen and crafted by the designers. As admired in the walls, stairs, doors, and furniture, wood is definitely the main feature and natural oak its main kind, elegantly combining with Vienna straw chairs and exquisite finishes in various natural fabrics such as linen and cotton bouclé. 

Each floor is connected by a stairway covered with panels of woven palm of Cmo by Elitis.

The hues of the chosen materials create a continuum between interior and exterior, between the house and it’s surrounding nature, giving the environment a spacious, open and bright appearance.

The house consists of big living room, a kitchen, and three en-suite bedrooms carefully designed using French fabrics by Nobilis and Elitis in each room and ceramic by Vogue Ceramica, mid-height in each bathroom.

From the orange and brown of autumn woods, through the mountain greens of spring, to the blue and azure of the sea, the sleeping area and bathrooms particularly echo the organic feeling of the house. With the patterns of fish, flowers and leaves joyfully animating the headboards, the furnishing elements, the warm decorative and structural parts, and the welcoming, enveloping feeling typical of Mediterranean seaside houses, the designers have magnificently succeeded in their mission of transposing the French-Italian Riviera to the Black Sea.