About This Project

There’s no better feeling than coming back home. Feeling welcome in our own little haven is what makes the beauty of a dream come true. The vibrant colour scheme of this luxury apartment exudes warmth and an intimate feeling of comfort. It is, in fact, no surprise that this space was conceived for a young mother and her little daughter.

The care with which this splendid abode has been furnished – a curated combination of vintage elements and those of some of the most prestigious designers Fornasetti, Flos, Mazzega  – adds a delicate balance all round. Not only is this home a joy to behold, it is above all enchanting to live in. Its large windows overlooking the sea create a bright and breezy atmosphere while the choice of colours, ranging from pink to purple, is particularly in keeping with the surrounding environment.

Despite opting for a modern design, the architect, Ekaterina Rezepina, steered clear from a cold and rigid style, making sure that it remained soft, warm, and charged with a certain emotion.

The living room, with Baxter pink sofa on Bordeaux-hued carpet  and coffee table by  Glas Italia, is the focal point of the apartment as it connects with the kitchen and dining room.

This room boasts a beautiful, dark wooden table while the hideaway Cesar kitchen charms with its predominantly burgundy tones. Light grey shantung silk wallpaper elegantly lines the living room walls while a light pink version adorns the master bedroom. The same tonalities can be found in both the dressing table and the custom-made wardrobe, with its brass handles. In the middle of the room, facing the sea, a work desk with mirrored, swiveling panels by Baxter serve as a séparé between the master bedroom and the bathroom. Here, marble takes centre stage: the unique chestnut-hued Rosa Egeo marble washbasin beautifully contrasts with the cipollino marble. Large slabs of the latter tonality decorate the walls while the shower tiles, installed in various directions, create a great sense of movement.

The finely-finished Dedar curtains add to the overall grace and elegance of the apartment. Those in the little girl’s bedroom pick up the colours of the light wooden bed while perfectly matching the fairy tale-themed wallpaper. It is refreshing to see how the architect has managed to satisfy the tastes of both occupants through some rather creative solutions involving the furniture, arches, and storage space; at the same time, she has succeeded in showing her exquisite taste and careful research by introducing unique pieces, famous design items, and vintage compositions, with the chandelier by Mazzega in the master bedroom being a perfect example.

It seems that Borges was right: “Every home is a candlestick where the flame burns in secluded lives”. Thanks to Rezepina’s mastery, her occupants can shine freely and joyfully.