About This Project


Feeling at home means feeling at ease, protected, and loved. 

ndeed, this apartment was conceived for a young couple looking to share their life together whilst also enjoying the opportunity for some individual space and quiet time. 

Restricting the renovations to the entrance and living room, the designers have curated every single detail with great care, the shelves and niches being a perfect example; flanked by artworks from Gallery Via Saterna’s Teresa Eunice, the sofas take on new colour as their pallor is warmed by her soft-tinted gessoes. 

The carefully chosen colour scheme prevents any chance of this apartment feeling too formal. With its soft tonalities and simple, straight lines, there is something spiritual and meditative here. This is minimalism with a crisp yet welcoming elegance. 

In combination with the rattan and dark-mahogany furniture, the velvet sofas make for a most cosy and comfortable space. Above all, it is the care with which everything has been selected and placed that lends this apartment its graceful simplicity. 

There is an Arab proverb that perfectly fits with the designers’ vision for this young couple’s love nest: “happiness is not a place to reach but a home to which return”.